About Us

Remember way back, when websites became the must-have trendy item for businesses and organizations? Everyone was promised success and riches if only they had an online presence. And so we all jumped on board, only to find we’d been lied to. Being online wasn’t nearly enough. We needed good design, strategy and an amazing product or service to wade our way through those muddy waters. Alas, quite a bit of money and time were wasted in this feeble pursuit.

We’re at a similar crossroads now with social media. It’s not been that long since we all became aware of the potential positive impact that social media can have on an organization. We’ve (pretty recently) been told that we need to ‘be on Facebook’, ‘get on Twitter’. And so we that’s what we do. And we tweet and we post, but again, to little or no avail. Because simply ‘being on social media’ isn’t enough.

But the cause is not lost! With a well-managed social media management strategy, backed up with a strong ‘voice’ for your company, interesting and compelling content, and an exhilarating story to tell, we believe all companies can benefit from social media. Some may be more difficult to procure results for than others, but with some added creativity, and a bit of box-poking and brain-storming, we’ve seen some great results for even the most obscure of businesses.

For the past couple of years, our specialist social media crew has been working on building results, voices, stories, friends, followers, and relationships through various social media platforms for many organizations, small and large.

But we want to do more. We want our clients to have more of an input if they want to. We want to be able to achieve greater results than ever. We want each and every one of our clients to be able to see those results whenever they want.

So we put together SocialReap. This is a relatively uncrowded market, but there are a few other social management services and platforms out there. Services which rely on untrained freelancers to do the work (resulting in no progress), and platforms which auto-magically generate content with computermajigs and fancy code, which are at a loss when it comes to injecting some personality into a profile, also resulting in no progress.

But SocialReap is different. We’ve put together a powerful infrastructure that works alongside our human, trained social media experts, meaning our clients can have much more input than ever before- whether that’s reviewing and amending posts before they’re published, or chatting live with their Social Media Manager, while also being able to see regular, up-to-date and detailed reports on how each of their profiles is doing.

This isn’t all we do, though. We’ve always aimed at being an ethical company. An organization that works to encourage creativity and expression- whether that’s through business, art, adventure or or any other medium. Click here to see some of the projects we’re working on, or are associated with.