Seting up a Twitter Ads Account

Seting up a Twitter Ads Account

If you’re looking to reach more people on Twitter, setting up an ads account so you can promote your tweets and page to a much larger number of people is a sensible option to take. To do this, simply follow the following instructions:

Disclaimer: Legally, I guess I have to write something like this: read all instructions on the Twitter pages carefully. I accept no responsibility for any information you enter correctly or incorrectly which incurs charges directly or indirectly to you

  1. Head over to sign into your Twitter account
  2. Select the country you’re operating from. This tells Twitter which currency to bill you in. In our case, this is the UK. Once done, click ‘Permanently save these settings’Twitterads1
  3. The next page will give you a choice of two types of campaigns you can start. The first is ‘Gain More Followers’. This promotes your page to help you gain more followers. This option is usually less effective than the other option: to ‘Reach more people with your tweets’. What this second campaign does is display public tweets (which you select) to a larger number of people based on certain targeting filters you can select. I’m going to go with this second option for this post.
  4. Carefully go through all of the options on the next page, including how long you want the campaign to run, who you want the ads targeted at etc. Once you’ve got this all done and dusted, click ‘Save Campaign’, then click ‘Launch campaign’ if you’re happy with everything
  5. Depending on the country you’re signing up for, you may now be asked for some information about tax requirements. Again, carefully read the information on the page, filling in the required fields. When complete, click ‘Save Tax Information’Twitterads1
  6. On the next page, you’ll enter your payment information, then click ‘Proceed to Confirmation’, then hit ‘Save and launch campaign’.
  7. Your Twitter ads account should now be live, and your first promoted tweet ready to be unleashed to the world! For promoting future tweets, you won’t need to enter all of the billing and tax info again 🙂

To view your campaigns in the future, simply log into and click on the ‘Campaigns’ tab at the top of the page. You should be able to see all the information you need there!

Good luck!


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