How to Structure Facebook Ad Campaigns

How to Structure Facebook Ad Campaigns

Once you’ve set up your Facebook ads account, you’ll want to set up some ad campaigns. Before you dive into this, it’s important to understand Facebook’s ad campaign structure.

When you set up a new ad campaign, you’ll be asked to select an objective. An objective is the goal you’re hoping your campaign will accomplish. This includes things like app downloads, email sign ups, link clicks, page likes etc.

Within each campaign are your ad sets. When you set up an ad set, you’ll be asked to select the audience that you want to send your ads to, your budget, and how long you want the campaign to run for.

And within each ad sets are your actual adverts, where you decide exactly what it is that will be displayed on your ads (videos, photos, wording, links, etc).

If you have five adverts within one ad set, they will all be displayed to the audience you chose for that ad set.

If you want to target some more adverts at a different audience, you’ll want to set up a new ad set, and create some new adverts into that new ad set. It’s also possible to copy previously created adverts into this new ad set.

Each of the three layers of your campaigns (the campaign, ad set, and ads) can easily be edited and adjusted to help you optimize the performance of your campaigns. You can tweak the audience, change the budget, stop poorly-performing ads, and much more.

It’s well worth learning how to use Facebook’s ad structure correctly so that you can start achieving your ad objectives within a budget you can afford.

Once you’re ready to set up your first ads campaign on Facebook, check out this step-by-step video:

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